What is RSP-01?

Our satellite "RSP-01" is a CubeSat developed by RymanSat Project—a volunteer-based private space exploration organization. The main mission is to take a "Selfie" with the Earth by extending its telescopic arm in space while orbiting the Earth. Other missions of RSP-01 are recognition and selection of the best image to send to the Earth, and chatbot function in which the components of the RSP-01 automatically reply to messages gathered from the ground via Twitter. The nickname "Selfie-sh" is derived from "Selfie" and “Selfish” with the passion of the development team members who never give up what they want.


06/10/2022 RSP-01 became a shooting star with 17,067 wishes and successfully completed its last mission.
06/24/2021 ”English version” is now open. You can switch the language by clicking the button on the upper right.
06/24/2021 We have added data items and graphs for “solar panel current” and “angular velocity” to ”Trace” page.


NAME RSP-01 (Nickname: Selfie-sh)
Main Mission To take a "Selfie" with the Earth by extending its telescopic arm in space
Sub-missions To conduct image recognition and Chatbot function by machine learning To demonstrate attitude control by using its reaction wheel
Attitude control Magnetic field-aligned Control
Size 1U(10x10x11.35 cm) CubeSat
Weight 1.29 kg
Orbital altitude around 380~420 km
Inclination 51.6°
Term of Mission 100~250 days *expectation*
Launch date 21 February 2021 (JST)
Launch site MARS, Pad 0A, USA
ISS arrival date 22 February 2021 (JST)
Deployment date 14 March 2021 (JST)

Life Cycle

  • JAXA
  • Standby
  • Launch
  • ISS
  • Deployment
  • 1st Contact
  • Selfie
  • Chatting
  • Complete


  • Selfie function

  • Automatic image selection

  • Communication

  • Attitude control

  • Chatting function

  • Design

  • Structure

Taking a "selfie" by extending its telescopic arm in space!

The following developing teams are involved.

  • Design and fabrication of the CubeSat housing and telescopic arm required for the selfie function (thermal and structural system team)
  • Functions to suppress blurring of the satellite when taking a selfie (attitude control system team)
  • Functions to process the selfie photos (C&DH system team)
  • Functions for sending self-taken photos to the ground (communication system team)
  • Power supply to operate the satellite (Power supply system team)

“Automatically identifying the best image” by machine learning!

Automatically selects the best images from among the photos taken and delivers them to the ground.

  • Image recognition by machine learning function
  • Removes blur, noise, and sunlight skipping
  • Written in Python
  • Implemented CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) using Tensor Flow for identifying the best image.

“Ultra-small communication device” developed uniquely by us to transmit various data to the ground!

In-house production of radio equipment solves the problems of cost and helps space saving.

  • Communication range of 400 km
  • Ultra-small FRISK case size :Hardware configuration that achieves miniaturization)
  • No custom components: Circuit design using only commercially available components

“Attitude control" with ultra-compact reaction wheels

The magnetic torquers and the reaction wheel, which is rare in CubeSat, are mounted, and the technology of the control of the angular velocity of one axis is demonstrated.

  • Commercially available 1-axis reaction wheel is mounted.
  • Main 1-axis magnetic torquers (torque coils are wound by hand)

Automatically responding to messages from the ground by “Chatbot” generated by machine learning!

RSP-01 will chat with you in which the RSP-01 automatically replies to messages gathered from the ground via Twitter.

  • Anyone can enjoy chatting with the satellite as follows:
  • Firstly, the ground operation system of RSP-01 collects messages posted on Twitter and sends them to RSP-01 (ground station system team engaged).
  • Secondly, chatbot automatically chooses the answer to reply to you. For the generation of response messages, the machine learning library "scikit-learn" is used and processed on “RaspberryPi Zero”.

CubeSat design also to be “Stylish”!

RSP-01 is the world’s first “designed” satellite. What does it mean to have design on a tech-bundled satellite? Yes, the RSP-01's mission is to take selfies, which means it must have a cool and attractive appearance to be a subject! We also make the satellite look as if it is taking a selfie with its arm outstretched with a smartphone, and we used our image color, Blue, in various places to convey the identity of the satellite. From the details of the mechanism to the overall color scheme, the engineers and designers worked together to create the RSP-01, and we believe that with this machine, we have taken a step forward toward the cool science fiction world that we have dreamed of.



Optimized and packed all the necessary mounting devices, components, and wiring paths in 1U Chassis.

Arm mechanism

  • Magic hand type deployment mechanism (max. 10cm)
  • Extendable and retractable
  • Automated a series of operations from deployment of arm and continuous shooting to storage
  • Abort function to monitor the deployment distance