Orbit Map

Current location of RSP-01. It is calculated from TLE, which is a two-line format of orbit information of space objects including satellites.

HK Data

This data shows the operating status of each part of the satellite. The most recent HK data (housekeeping data) sent from the satellite is displayed.

2021/6/9 10:39 (JST)

Main OBC Temp1 6 °C
Main OBC Temp2 6 °C
Battery1 Power Voltage 4214 mV
Battery2 Power Voltage 4234 mV
5V Power Voltage 5102 mV
Battery1 Power Current 66 mA
Battery2 Power Current 29 mA
Solar Panel Current(-Z) 6 mA
Solar Panel Current(-Y) 2 mA
Solar Panel Current(-X) 3 mA
Solar Panel Current(+Y) 252 mA
Solar Panel Current(+Z) 30 mA
Angular Velocity(x) 0.0015 rpm
Angular Velocity(y) 0.0006 rpm
Angular Velocity(z) -0.0037 rpm

Changes in HK data

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Main OBC Temp

Battery 5V Power Voltage

Battery Power Current

Solar Panel Power Current

Angular Velocity